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Paypal Stamp 2013 by Roderic-RodriguezDA Stamp - Commissions 001 by tppgraphics

Hi guys! I've been planning to open commissions since forever, but took a break for school which is why I hadn't been so active in the past months and might've lost some following. Unfortunately it took me up til now to actually set up and verify my paypal account. But to cut straight to the point, with me heading off to college now I can't exactly just keep drawing for leisure anymore and continually update Archetype here when I'll most likely be in financial need with the housing rent in San Francisco being hella. Therefore, can ya help a homie out? I definitely do want to finish the comic until the end, but I honestly need some extra money to back up my activities and education. It is highly, highly appreciated, not just for the money, but helping me get back into the groove of drawing and all after being so inactive for a long period of time because I just haven't been in the mental groove (Like JESUS help me, I've just been letting my art muscles rot lately). The side money will help feed me sparsely, pay my rent/college fees, and give me happiness once in a while so it would be really!! Great!! 

Also, I tried my best to price these fairly (bc I haven't had professional experience yet) without violating the minimum wage for myself, lmao. I'll eventually make a deviation/visual compilation to upload and also throw around in the tumblr loop, but here's this for now, with both digital and traditional options. But be aware a lot of these examples are pretty old, so I'll probably be able to do a better job than just the ones you see.


:bulletgreen: Traditional or Digital
  • Head/Bust 4$ +2$ all extra characters
  • Full Body 5$ +2$ all extra characters
Ghost Fighter Phantom by Joe-the-HoeVlad1 by Joe-the-HoeDanny5 by Joe-the-Hoeiunno by Joe-the-Hoe<--- digital just a clone by Joe-the-Hoe<--- traditional
Danny4 by Joe-the-Hoe<-- this is a more pixelly one
(Note: "B&W" does not necessitate it has to be black and white. For example, your lines can be dark red, or dark blue. And ofc, for this section I'll give one free accent/extra color, like the one on the example Danny's fist. However, does not come with BG)

:bulletgreen: Traditional
  • Head/Bust 8$ +2$ each extra character
  • Full Body 9$ +2$ each extra character
Neutronnn by Joe-the-HoeChristie by Joe-the-Hoeyou cant leave me... by Joe-the-Hoe<-- +Simple BG option
:bulletgreen: Digital
  • Head/Bust 10$ +2$ each extra character
  • FULL BODY 12$ +2$ each extra character
Danny3 by Joe-the-HoeDanny1 by Joe-the-HoeDanny2 by Joe-the-HoeAngel by Joe-the-HoeVlad by Joe-the-HoeSly by Joe-the-Hoe
Wildpup by Joe-the-Hoebeyond by Joe-the-HoeReaper by Joe-the-Hoe<--- +simple BG option


:bulletgreen: Graphite, Charcoal, or Digital
  • Traditional or Digital: 16$ +4$ each extra character
Birddan by Joe-the-Hoe<--- Digital
Zero by Joe-the-HoeYear of the Dragon by Joe-the-Hoe<--- Traditional (these are relatively old examples lmao)

(can request transparency)

:bulletgreen: Traditional or Digital
  • Head/Bust: 5$ +2$ each extra character
  • Full Body: 6$ +2$ each extra character
Nekos. by Joe-the-Hoe<-- I'm sorry, this is such an old example, i'm sorry that I have to dig up and show you a drawing from one of my phases long long ago and shove it in your face right now. But this is literally the only piece of only lineart I did in my gallery, so I can assure you, in my current skill stage, it will be way better than this

:bulletgreen: Traditional or Digital
  • Head/Bust: 12$ +4$ each extra character
  • Full Body: 14$ +4$ each extra character
Mutt!Mutt by Joe-the-HoeWhite Martian by Joe-the-HoePp by Joe-the-Hoe<--- Grayscale optional (of course, it'll be better than this pic from archetype, but you get the point)
For Full Illustration: +5$ Background (depends on complexity)

+5$ flat colors (unlimited #) +3$ cell shade
request, request by Joe-the-Hoe<-- simple lines+flat+shade (with transparency)

(choose cell shade or soft shade)

:bulletgreen: Digital
  • Head/Bust: 18$ +5$ each extra character
  • Full Body: 20$ +5$ each extra character
Panty and Stocking with Danny Phannypants by Joe-the-Hoedon't mess with this by Joe-the-HoeHORROR by Joe-the-HoeEnantiodromia by Joe-the-HoeArchetype Chapter 11 by Joe-the-HoeArchetype Chapter 8 by Joe-the-Hoe<--- Optional simple BG, but may charge if BG is complex
Grayson bby by Joe-the-HoeDorathea by Joe-the-Hoe<-- These drawings had traditional linework and then colored digitally, but if this case is requested, then the charge will still be under digital

:bulletgreen: Not doing Traditional ATM


:bulletgreen: Digital Only
  • Head/Bust: 14$ +4$ each extra character
  • Full Body: 15$ +5$ each extra character
Tazelwurm Lee by Joe-the-HoePP by Joe-the-Hoe

  • Sketch (shaded): 7$ page rate 
    Can be digital or traditional
  • Simple Lines: 10$ page rate +2$ for 4 or major characters
    Can be digital or traditional
  • Fully Inked with Optional Grayscale: 20$ page rate +5$ for 4 or more major characters
    Can be digital or traditional
  • Fully Inked with Digital Color: 28$ page rate +8$ for 4 or more major characters
  • Fully Inked with Traditional Color: 24$ page rate +8$ for 4 or more major characters

Archetype pg. 270 by Joe-the-Hoe309 by Joe-the-Hoe315 by Joe-the-HoeArchetype pg. 170 by Joe-the-Hoe<--- Traditional full ink, traditional grayscale. Basically archetype, but with more effort potentially. 
Attempt by Joe-the-Hoe<--- Completely digital full ink. This was an attempt that was done really fast, so of course it would look tons better than this. 
Colored Pics Combined by Joe-the-Hoe<--- Yes, this is basically just a grayscale version of the image below, but I didn't really have an example. But it serves as an example for the Full Ink option which utilizes BOTH digital and tradition (traditional linework and digital grayscale) 
Archetype - Colored Pages Example by Joe-the-Hoe<--- 2 pages digital colors
4 by Joe-the-Hoe5 by Joe-the-Hoe7 by Joe-the-Hoe<--- 8 page series traditional colors (marker), wow, I don't just do angst! See full thing (this was done very quickly for him, so of course I won't be writing the lettering for anyone here, it will be done digitally)

FOR EVERY 4 PAGES, page rate price is lowered by 2$ (only applies to fully inked+)

(NOTE: additional fee for 4 or more major characters is not per page, but added to cumulative price of however many pages you commission. Also applies to later purchases, if working on the same series. Also, for the every five pages thing, there's a cap of three deductions to lowered by 6$, but for the same series you can continue purchasing it with that price. Lastly, it involves collaboration, and I would prefer these comics be given to me with a script, but as always, just contact for more info if you can't)

If anyone has additional questions, you can comment in the journal, message me in tumblr, send me an actual email, or just hit me up with a note. Just title it Commission Question and I can help you. If you need help understanding how to calculate all this, because I'm not sure if it was entirely clear, then I'm here! Before beginning a more complex piece, I will communicate with you about the sketches and stuff, especially when it comes to comics. And although I prefer to work with references, I will only do without reference if you are VERY clear with the description. Images are flexible and prices negotiable depending on details or your situation

:bulletgreen: can do NSFW (NO noncon)
:bulletgreen: can do animals, furries i suppose, dragons hell yea 
:bulletgreen: won't do realism
:bulletgreen: honestly i'll do anything as long as it's not really really weird???
:bulletgreen: specified styles (cartoon, anime, etc. give references)

tumblr: (I might also appear as tumblr user "bringondiscussion")
Only taking money from paypal, US dollars

Please and thank you =)

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You are like totally inspiring and your style is so perfect and edgy and dark and everything I love and everybody else better too or else get rekt

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Ah thank you!!! and dont worry about shutting up lol what would my comic be without your manic comments? Laughing 
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Hi Joethehoe,


I am putting together a Phandom wide thank you for Butch Hartman for the 10th Dannyversary (The completion date has been moved to August 24). Along with as many names I can collect from the Phandom, I am collecting what the phans think are the best artworks, stories, and videos. Your comic Archetype was submitted and I would like to get your permission to put it in the Thank You. I understand if you would not like your work included, and will not include it without your permission. Thank you for your time and great work!

Here is a link to the page:

Oreochema Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Not sure what kept me from watching you in the first place, but for some reason I wanted to read all of your posted Archetype pages before clicking the button. It certainly does not disappoint! Thank you for sharing your head canon with us!
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enjoy your work and the amazing story to your comic's. are just amazed. so thank you I am very very thankful to keep reading.B-)
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